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It took the rest of the summer for the little details outlined in my last post to get executed, and admittedly for me to clear enough space in my garage to create a workspace to finish this project. Those things are now done, and the car is coming home on Wednesday. Actually this is going to be the first time it has lived in this garage; the last time it was home was before our house renovation and addition project which frankly had part of its genesis from the purchase of this car.

I have plenty of stuff to do but my re-engagement with the process is growing and if I set aside a reasonable number of hours each week to work on it, I think I can have it assembled before Christmas. Today I'm going to go out to the garage and re-familiarize myself with the state of the C motor; after all this time I may tear off the valve train and re-do it because I did that last and I'm not sure where I left it.

Let's hope we have an irish green Porsche 356C on the road in 2011.