It's drivable after 9 years

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It's been nearly 9 years since I first started taking apart the 356. You can look through this restoration journal and see some of my first posts and detect that early enthusiasm. This week, the persistence, even when there were sometimes long lapses, paid off.

I got my pair of rebuilt carburetors back from Precision Matters, who did a wonderful job. I fixed an issue I had with the cooling fan in the fan shroud -- I was missing a spacer on the hub which caused the fan to not be able to be fully tightened on the hub, and it was loose and causing the clunking noise I described a month or so ago. I stole the spacer from the '59 motor, and realized that either I or the previous owner had also screwed up the fan so that it didn't spin true. Therefore I threw it away and stole the fan from the '59 motor as well. It doesn't have as many blades because it was original to a 160 watt generator, not the 200 watt generators, but the motor is perfectly cool at the moment. Later this summer I'll switch to a new fan I ordered, if it becomes necessary.


I fixed a few other remaining issues such as the regulator circuit not being wired correctly; getting the foglights working; and getting the clutch adjusted. I took it for its first drives around the driveway last weekend. Then I got a new plate and registration this past week. Thursday I drove it to get it aligned by my friend Albert. The car is driving much much better now... and then this weekend I have put around 75 miles on the car. There are some more details to work out but we are more or less done. It's an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

The picture with this entry is taken at the same location where I took the original photos of the car the day I purchased it. I think it makes a nice contrast.

I'll continue to post sporadic updates on the car when I find time and energy, but even though there are a few remaining details, I'm more or less considering this project done. I hope others have found this journal useful or entertaining in their own restoration endeavors. Keep The Faith!

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