Reassembly Update: Reasonable Progress

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Rear decklid grille install - 1.jpg

I've been slowly reassembling the car since October. Things took a bit of a break in January after Christmas, but for the last two weekends I've done quite a bit of work. The first thing I tackled was a bunch of the exterior stuff; I got the hood handle/Porsche emblem on; I put on the fog lights and the rear tail lights and backup light; I reconditioned the wiring loom (lots of shrink-wrap was needed on various parts where the outer insulation had become brittle). After doing that, I moved onto the brakes, where I installed the missing hard lines and soft lines to the master cylinder, and hoses between the master cylinder and the reservoir. I still haven't filled the braking system yet though.

I moved for awhile to the interior, installing the pedal cluster, dash gauges, and test-fitting the steering wheel. I have a Wooden steering wheel as well made by Luisi that I may install; the plastic on the rim of the original wheel is badly deteriorated and I'm considering sending it out to be re-molded. In the meantime, I moved back outside the car.

I reassembled the pop-out quarter windows, which was a challenge...getting the rubber seal around the glass and then getting that inside the chrome window frame was a bit of a bear, as I had been warned. Getting the other seals in place and then getting that screwed into position was only a little bit easier. I've also done about 75% of the doors, window frames, and door glass, but I'm waiting on an additional vent window seal for the Passenger door to arrive, and I kind of messed up the order of operations (missed the outside chrome trim strip on the Driver's side) and had to back up.

I've had fun re-engaging with the Porsche 356 Registry ( and 356talk, who have provided good and timely advice and answers to some questions I've had on how things need to fit together. There is quite a bit of information on details of reassembly in a thread I started there, so I'm going to cross-post that here for reference.

You can read the information there for more detail. If I'm good at it, I will post more entries here as I finish reassembly in parallel with updates and questions there. Sometimes, work, family, etc. intervenes and I only have so much free time. Regardless, I still think a late Spring or Summer-time completion date is feasible. A little later than I originally thought in October, but then again, I knew that my original estimate was probably wrong. They all have been before...

I have also updated the gallery of photos of the car quite a bit. I'm taking as many pictures of things as I can while I reassemble so others can see progress and maybe help themselves if they have questions about details. You can view the image gallery here.

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