February 2010 Archives

After many, many long years, my 356 is nearly ready to come home. Not that it is done...no, it isn't. But it is time for me to put my hands back on the project and finish the reassembly myself.

Currently, the car is still at TransporterWerks, where it is getting additional color sanding (incredible looking paint but not a cheap process...), and the front and rear windshield glass is getting re-installed. Some additional undercoating will be added in places I missed years ago or where things were worked on subsequent to my own work, and then a final coat of black paint will be applied to the underbody. I broke down and got a set of red Koni shocks as well, which I'm going to have swapped out for the KYBs...those gas shocks have the front end jacked up like a rally car. I'm guessing that it will be another month or 6 weeks, and then I will have the car flat-bedded to my garage.

I'm getting pretty excited about getting back to work on the car myself. What remains is all mechanical and electrical work, and I have to finish up the C engine as well. I've got to start re-sorting all the parts boxes that are stacked up in my garage...while I kept everything fairly well sorted and ordered through the years, the boxes have now been through 2 moves and I don't know where everything is.